Cheek Implants

Cheek Augmentation Surgery - Cheek Implants

Cheek augmentation surgery (Cheek implant surgery) is a cosmetic procedure that involves placing implants in the cheeks in order to have a more balanced and appealing appearance. People who have experienced facial trauma or those who were born with certain facial defects are those who undergo this surgery.


The implants are selected based on the required results and the current cheek bone structure. Once the exact placement position is selected an incision either right above or below the cheekbone is made. The exact location of the incision could be near the gums or on the outer cheek or at the top of the upper lip or right below the eyelid.

Once the implant is placed inside it will be repositioned several times in order to get the desired look. The implant is locked to the desired postion with the help of a titanium screw which anchors it to the bone below. In most cases, cheek implant surgery takes about two hours to complete. If the augmentation is done to correct damage caused by an accident, bone grafts may be needed to correct damaged bones. This procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis.


Some of the potential complications that are specifically associated with cheek implant surgery include:

▣ Asymmetrical appearance of the face and cheeks
▣ Capsular contracture, which is the tightening of scar tissue around the implant and requires additional surgeries to correct
▣ Change of sensitivity in the cheek area, though this usually returns to normal within a few months
▣ Implant rejection
▣ Shifting of the implant


The treated area may feel tight, swollen and uncomfortable in the days following the surgery; necessary pain medications may be used to ease the situation. You may be placed on a liquid diet for several days until adequate healing happens. Also since there are stitches inside the mouth, there are chances that food particles may come in contact with the stitches. These stitches dissolve in approximately 10 days. Swelling also decreases quickly and till such time, the results of the surgery may not be plainly visible for as long as three or four months. Scars are well hidden.


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