Omnilux Light Therapy

Omnilux light therapy is a skin rejuvenating treatment. It stimulate deep skin tissue there will be no damgae to the skin.After surgery Omnilux is also ideal for helping wound recovery.It is also helpful in treatments of dermatological conditions including acne, vitiligo and sun damage.Each treatment session lasts around 20 minutes and simply involves relaxing under the appropriate LEDs.The results of Omnilux are often immediate but will depend on the treatment options used. The initial effects are a clearer, brighter and a smoother complexion.

After a course of treatments, you will see an improvement in tone, clarity and skin smoothness. You will also see softening of your fine lines and wrinkles.The cost of Omnilux light therapy depends on light intensity and the number of treatment sessions, prices vary according to it, it start from $60 for one session.


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